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Rust Bullet Metal Blast
Metal Cleaner, Conditioner and Etcher

Metal Blast is a cleaner and conditioner for metal that removes rust, grease, and contaminates allowing a superior bond to surfaces that have minimal or poor adhesive qualities. Metal Blast removes surface rust and properly etches metal for better paint adhesion. Metal Blast enhances the adhesive properties of coatings on any metal surface including aluminum and shiny polished metal and creates an ideal anchor pattern to surfaces allowing superior adhesion of all Rust Bullet Coatings. Metal Blast dissolves rust from metal tools and equipment as well as other rusted surfaces adding years of performance to any paint project. The benefits or Rust Bullet Metal Blast are:


  • Easy to use – wipe on, wipe off

  • Dissolves rust Cleans and conditions metal surfaces

  • Properly etches and conditions metal for better paint adhesion

  • Discourages the formation of rust under coatings and paints

  • Cleans and prepares metal for painting

  • Prevents the formation of flash rust

  • Eliminates future peeling of paint



Rust Bullet Solvent
For Equipment Preparation and Cleaning

Use Rust Bullet Solvent for cleanup, equipment preparation, and the thinning of Rust Bullet Coatings. Effectively clean equipment such as paint pots, lines, guns, brushes and rollers, as well as spills, drips and overspray from coating applications. Equipment Preparation: Flushes, cleans and prepares spray equipment prior to application. Use to thoroughly flush and clean spray equipment between coats and after use to avoid possible damage to spray equipment. Thinning: The approximate ratio is 3% to 5% by volume (i.e. 1.0 to 1.5 oz. solvent per quart of coating)


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