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Rust Bullet Duragrade Concrete
(Available in Standard and Ultra Low VOC Formulas)

About Rust Bullet Duragrade Concrete

Duragrade Concrete is a high-performance, high-build, superior protective coating that can be applied directly onto concrete surfaces without any acid etching. Duragrade Concrete has outstanding adhesion to concrete surfaces and is scratch, chip, chemical and UV resistant, requiring no primer, basecoat, or topcoat. This patent-pending formula is low in VOCs providing VOC compliance in all 50 states and is available in 18 standard colors or a custom color option, all with a beautiful gloss finish. Easy to apply by brush, roller, or spray equipment. Ideal for indoor or outdoor surfaces and will protect from hot tire pick up. For decorative purposes, apply color fakes atop the final wet coat of Duragrade Concrete then topcoat with Duragrade clear protective coating to seal the flakes in. For an anti-skid finish, simply add Tread-Tex into the coating which intended for that final coat.





Duragrade Concrete Performance Testing


  • Taber Abrasion (ASTM D4060): 38 mg / 10,000 Cycles

  • Impact Resistance (ASTM D2794): >40 inches (exceeds max test limits)

  • Mandrel Bend (ASTM D 522-13): >32% without cracking (exceeds test)

  • Pull-off Adhesion Bond Strength (ASTM D7234-05):

    • 50mm dolly: >525 PSI (Dollies unable to be removed at ~525 max psi)

    • 20mm dolly: >1485 PSI (the concrete broke apart and DuraGrade never lost adhesion

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