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At KAP Corrosion Control & Servicing, we dedicate to promote and offer environmental protection products worldwide. Our mission is to offer environmental friendly and top tier advance corrosion control products to assist individuals, companies, corporations, as well as governmental departments, to protect their valuable assets. Together with our environmental friendly and outstanding protection products, it will contribute to the overall reduction of waste metals, materials and harmful by-products to our environment. Meanwhile, they can achieve large saving in labor and money, as well as project a very positive and responsible image to our society and future generation. 

Our company also provide a variety of technical service, such as corrosion investigation, corrosion management, corrosion monitoring, corrosion engineering and design service. We stand behind the products that we are offering. Our consultants and engineers have years of dedicated experience in corrosion control in air, land and sea environments. Our distributors are all believe in our company's mission and philosophy and are dedicated to create a better and less wasteful society. For consumers, you can ensure our products will help you to save money and free from corrosion problems. Please visit the rest of our company web site, review the products that we bring to the market, and examine our posted examples and references. You can also submit your comments or questions on the subject of corrosion protection and prevention to us. We are always happy to discuss with you and hear from you. You are assured of our prompt reply on your questions with out best knowledge and experience.  


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