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The Ultimate Solution In Combating Corrosion & Rust Is Here


Rust Bullet® is a high performance single component rust inhibitor coating which provides superior protection not only to metals, but also wood, concrete and other substrates. It has two United States patents which make it not an ordinary rust inhibitor coating, but far more than that, and even stands out from the traditional rust encapsulation or rust conversion technology. As a single component hybrid-moisture cure urethane coating, it does not form a film immediately after application, but rather penetrates all the way down the to the metal surface to combine the rust with the coating and than forms a hard solid surface after curing and protects the material from the attach of chemical and oxidation. It is also strong weather resistance in all climates and below sea water. It's patented technologies are highly regarded as the most efficient and effective rust proofing method currently available in the market. It is the most cost effective rust inhibitor product and is also simple to apply and maintain than other rust coating products or even epoxy coatings.

Most rust coating products available in the market employ traditional technologies like rust conversion. This kind of technology can only provide a very short-term and incomplete rust or corrosion protection, simply does not work at all. Rust Bullet's high profile technology is not rust conversion, make no confusion. It's unique patented formula enables the coating to dehydrate the existing rust and making it becomes solid again and then forms a nearly indestructible surface after the second coating or subsequent coats. Meanwhile, as a single component coating, no activators or catalyst is required. Unlike other rust coatings, Rust Bullet requires little or no surface preparation. It's unique design allows direct application onto clean or rusted surface and application can be done by non-professional applicators with a roller, brush or spray equipment. Finally, Rust Bullet is a one-step rust inhibitor coating that actually works to protect rust and corrosion on metal and many other substrates.

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