Who Use Rust Bullet? They Do.


Rust Bullet ®
Sole Distributor,
Eastern Canada

Fix Marine Rust, Corrosion; Fix ships, vessels, boats rust problems

Fix and stop Rust and Corrosion In Commercial and Industrial Environments


Click on pictures below to see how Rust Bullet is being
used for Industrial Coating Applications

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Finally a Cure for Rust    “the Industrial Disease”

How Much Is Corrosion Costing To You?


The steel industry refers to rust as the “Cancer of Steel.” Rust Bullet®, the new technology rust/corrosion control product, has come to market to cure this age old disease. Rust Bullet® will revolutionize industries’ battles against corrosion with a simple, one step application (two coats), little or no preparation, low maintenance product that is not a short-term fix, but actually cures this disease called rust. CC Technologies conducted research in a cooperative agreement with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and NACE International (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) to provide the public with a corrosion cost report. According to this report, the direct cost of corrosion in the United States is $276 billion annually. This was determined by analyzing 26 industrial sectors in which corrosion is known to exist. The indirect costs to society are conservatively estimated to be equal to the direct costs. Evidence of the large indirect corrosion costs are lost time, and thus lost productivity because of outages, delays, failures, and litigation. Indirect costs are often ignored because only the direct costs are paid by the owner/operator.  


Some preventative strategies to manage corrosion are:
• Awareness of corrosion costs
• A change in the misconception that nothing can be done about corrosion
• A change in management practices to increase corrosion cost-savings
• Advanced corrosion technology through research, development, and implementation




Rust Bullet® is a high-performance, rust inhibitive coating. The phenomenal success Rust Bullet® demonstrates in the rigorous scientific research testing is staggering. This revolutionary new technology, that absolutely proves to be the superior choice for controlling and stopping rust and corrosion, is now available.


  Why Rust Bullet® is Essential





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