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Rust Corrosion Inhibitor

Rust is a very common problem that we have been facing since the Iron Age. Iron is an extensively used material in large infrastructure products as well as small machines. Rust destroys the surface of the iron or steel structures and weakens the material so that it looses it strength.

The Regular Rust Corrosion Inhibitors
We have been using many rust corrosion inhibitors to treat Rust, the cancer of iron and steel. However, most of these rust corrosion inhibitors are cumbersome as their application involves many steps. You first have to remove the rust, and then prepare the surface metal for the application of the product. These products are not too effective and are only a short-term solution. Most of the time these temporary fixes do not solve the problem but compound it. As the corrosion inhibitor forms a film on the surface, which traps the moisture, and the destruction of the material continues.

The Special Rust Corrosion Inhibitor
Rust Bullet is a rust corrosion inhibitor that is the perfect product to treat the rust problem in today’s world. Rust Bullet is the better option for controlling rust corrosion and rust corrosion prevention:
-Rust Bullet does not require much preparation of the surface that it’s being
 applied to.
-Rust Bullet dehydrates the rust with the help of a patented chemical
-The second coat of Rust Bullet fills up the pinholes from the first coat and
 provides an impenetrable coating that protects the metal surface.
-In case the Rust Bullet coating is scratched or damaged, simply re-apply
 rust bullet in that area to prevent rusting.
-Rust Bullet is very easy to apply and maintain.
-It is a VOC compliant product with no Zinc, Chromates, acids or heavy
-You can apply Rust bullet to both rusty and clean surfaces.

This special rust corrosion inhibitor has two patents from the United States patent and trademark office the only rust prevention coating to ever accomplish this. The lab test reports confirm rust bullets superiority over other similar products like Rustoleum and POR 15 etc. Many scientific tests from many prestigious international labs like the National Testing Standards Inc., Atlas Weathering Services Group and Q Labs Weathering Research Center etc. have proved the superiority of Rust Bullet.

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