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Since the ancient times, man has been facing the problem of rust corrosion. Corrosion causes the deterioration of steel and concrete over time, leading to heavy financial loses to companies and individuals. Industrial coating methods help to overcome this problem of corrosion. An industrial coating is paint or coating that is defined by its protective properties. The most common purpose of this coating is to control corrosion to concrete and steel. There are many types of industrial coatings – inorganic zinc, phosphate, and xylan. These coatings commonly use an epoxy polymer in their making. Another highly used polymer in industrial coating is fluropolymer.

Industrial coatings offer many advantages that make them highly useful. The coatings offer a super hand finish. They require no primer before applying, unlike many protective coatings. The coatings repel water, salt, and are excellent for waterproofing. Industrial coatings come in custom colors and contain fluorescent pigment providing clear visual safety benefits. The coatings are weather proof and can be applied to safety applications where antislip / antishifting is required. Now days rust paints are applied onto different vehicles to prevent rusting. Several layers of a coating are applied to an automobile to prevent it from rusting. Many different rust prevention products are available in the market place that inhibits rust formation on an automobile. Corrosion inhibitors also serve the same purpose. Different types of corrosion inhibitors include - enzyme inhibitors, non-specific inhibitors, specific inhibitors, competitive inhibitors and non-competitive inhibitors. These inhibitors stop corrosion and protect metal, steel or concrete items.

Coatings generally isolate metal from moisture preventing rust forming onto the steel. They are nonporous in nature and won’t crack chip or peel. These industrial coatings will resist wear to cargo impact, salt water, and chemical acid spills. Apart from industrial coatings, there are concrete coatings used for the protection of reinforced concrete. They can be organic or inorganic. The combination of an inorganic coating with a corrosion inhibitor provides a high degree of protection against rebar corrosion. The use of inorganic coatings has increased for environmental reasons and they can be applied on concrete surfaces for the treatment of old structures.

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