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If you are a car owner then rust is one of your worst enemies. You have to constantly worry and take care of your beloved car no mater how old it may be. There are many products available in the market that deal with the car rust problem but most of them are only a temporary solution and are rendered ineffective after some time. Rust Bullet’s automotive paint offers a more effective and long lasting solution to the car rust problem.

Rust can damage your vehicle, so beware! Rust has detrimental effects on the physical health of the car. Due to rust, Iron metal parts that are supposed to slide over each other can get stuck. In a car, this could mean trouble. Rust has the ability to make holes in the metal sheet skin of the car, disfiguring your car and inviting trouble. Rust also changes the color of the metal and makes it weak & rough. Rust can eat away the metal completely, it is therefore very necessary to carry out a regular check of your car for rust to avoid any future troubles. In case your car has been a victim of rust or otherwise, it is the time for some long-term treatment such as use of a terrific product on the market place today called Rust Bullet.

Rust Bullet acts as a rust preventive product as well as rust repair product. The product guarantees to stop rust and provides rust prevention for as long as ten years. The superiority of Rust Bullet has been tested and retested scientifically proven to be the best choice for the savvy consumer in today’s world, Rust Bullets patented new technology has out performed Rustoleum and POR 15 in independent laboratory testing.

Advantages of Rust Bullet Automotive Paint
-Applying Rust Bullet paint is a one-step two coat application process that
 requires very little surface preparation.
-You can apply the Automotive Paint on any type of surface i.e. clean or
 rusty metal or car surfaces.
-The car paint is UV resistant lasting for many, many years. It does not
 require any primer prior to application.
-The paint is an excellent adhesion promoter and enhances the adhesive
 properties of any topcoat you may wish to use.
-The Automotive Paint is very easy to apply and can be sprayed, rolled or
 brushed on any surface smooth clear or rusted makes no difference.
-The car paint offers excellent abrasion resistance. It is very resistant to
 acid splash and harsh chemical solvents or acids.
-It provides low cost maintenance. When properly applied Rust Bullet rust
 paint will stop and kill rust for over 10 years.

Rust Bullet can be applied as an Automotive Undercoating or a Car Paint as per requirement. Before applying the paint remove the rust flakes with the help of wire brushing. Apply the paint evenly with smooth strokes. It is required to apply a second coat of paint to cover any pinholes that may form from the first coat expelling the dehydrated rust through its pores. This second coat will provide a non-penetrable protective covering that protects your car from rust for a decade. In case there are any scratches, you just have to reapply the paint on the scratch to prevent rust formation easy as that.

Visit the site  to find out more about Rust Bullet products and their uses.



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