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Rust has rightly been described as 'metal poison', considering the extent of the permanent damage it has caused to metals throughout the ages of time. Even now in modern times with all we know, rust causes a considerable amount of material damage as well as economical damage that seems to never stop.

Rust is actually a common name for a compound named iron oxide. Iron oxide (chemically Fe2O3 ) is formed when iron combines with oxygen. For rust formation to occur, three elements are required - iron, water and oxygen. If normal water is replaced with seawater or salt-loaded spray, the rusting process occurs much faster, which explains why materials deteriorate much faster for those living in coastal sea water areas.

Scientifically speaking, rust prevention can be accomplished by keeping the metal surface from oxidizing, by preventing the oxygen ions from reaching the metal surface. Some of the commonly used methods are: Protective metal / non-metal plating, paints, oiling etc. These methods are short lived and cannot guarantee rust prevention for very long. Immense research in this field has led to the development of rust paints. A rust paint is nothing but a rust inhibitor coating that is applied on metal, to aid in rust prevention. Since the ingredients used in these rust paints are the outcome of extensive scientific research, these paints provide protection from rust for years. Rust prevention products available in the market are classified based on the ingredients used in them. Commonly used ingredients in the Rust Prevention field are: petroleum type, emulsion type, oil type, wax type and resinous type, among misc. other Items.

Unlike the overabundance of rust prevention products available on the market today, Rust Bullet is a rust paint with a difference. Scientific tests against the main ingredients used in virtually all rust/corrosion control products, has proven that only Rust Bullet has the correct ingredients to prevent and kill rust. Unlike all the other rust paints on the market today, Rust Bullet only destroys rust and causes no other damage to valuable equipment and material. Rust Bullet, has excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions, mechanical abuse, chemical splash resistance, abrasion resistance, sea water or sand storms. Rust Bullet has excellent adhesion qualities it also has excellent UV resistance protection. In addition, Rust Bullet contains no zinc, chromates, acids or heavy metals, which makes it the best choice for engineering equipment and environmental concerns.

Rust Bullets rust paint, is an efficient rust preventative paint, that bonds with metals, creating a tough physical and chemical barrier, to guard materials and equipment against moisture and harsh corrosives. Easy application and quick drying time permit faster protection. Application is a unique one step (two coat) process. It requires no preparation, except the removal of large flakes of loose rust by light scraping or wire brushing. Rust Bullet coats successfully over rusty as well as clean metals with an armor tuff coating that lasts.

An effective rust preventative, Rust Bullet ensures protection from rust, for many years. Rust Bullet is easy to use and with little or no surface preparation is also easy on the pocket; which is why, its popularity is constantly on the rise. Just apply and forget. Rust prevention couldn't get any easier!


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