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Rust Bullet ®
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"Rust Bullet offers excellent abrasion resistance and is quite difficult to scratch (which makes it excellent for suspension components). If a scratch or chip in the coating does occur, the metal will rust in the breached area, but rust will not proceed beyond the breach. Rust Bullet will not lift, blister, or peel away from its leading edge in any significant degree. Simply reapplying Rust Bullet over the scratch or chip reseals the coating, proving easy, low-cost maintenance."
Source: Street Rodder Magazine,
April 2004 Volume 33, No. 4

"High-Caliber Rust Inhibitor.  There Are No Two Ways About It, Rust Needs to Die!"
"This article was written by    Jason Walker, Associate Editor for Custom Rodder Magazine, and is featured in the September 2003 issue."



Repair Car Rust, Fix Car Rust and Stop Car Rust


Rust Bullet® Automotive

It Beats POR 15 And Other Market Leaders In Independent Laboratory Testing





Rust Bullet®
Introducing a New and Better Technology for Rust and Corrosion Protection to the Automotive World.

*Little or no surface preparation
*Costs directly over rusty and clean
*Superior Adhesion.
Easy to apply and Maintain.
Topcoat paint optional.
UV resistant.
Brush, Roll or Spray On.

Tested Scientifically Against the Leading Rust/Corrosion Control Products, including POR-15.



Because of Rust Bullet®, this previously rusted and pitted ’65 Dodge Coronet roof panel appears to be brand new from the factory.




(Watch the Automotive
Video Presentation




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We are asking you, our customers, to send in all of your comments, good or bad (pictures are very welcome), where you can compare your ideas with other automobile enthusiasts.

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Next to a home, an automobile probably represents the second largest purchase a person will ever make. No matter where a person lives, his/her automobile will be exposed to various environmental conditions, including: blazing summer heat, humidity, ultra violet rays, snow, rain, salt, mud, and pollutants. All of these elements will corrode an automobile unless it is protected.






(Click on the pictures for the complete testimonial)

Nothing is better than to be able to make a statement and then totally back it up! This is rarely seen, especially today when so many claims are being made at the expense of the uneducated consumer. In my limited use of your product, it seems to adhere better than POR-15.
It goes on "creamily."

Dang...I love rust bullet! I finished pressure washing and sand blasting the rest of my undercarriage then I coated it with Rust Bullet. I wish I could leave it like this but I am still going to line over it. Maybe I wont drive this car when I am done!

I am the 60 year old woman who has been in touch off and on for the last two or three weeks about de-rusting my 1973 VW Beetle. We just finished putting 3 coats of Rust Bullet on the VW Sunday.

Take a good look at what Rust Bullet did for my 1977 Chevy truck and for me.
This product is AWESOME!
It allows you to complete KILL THE RUST that has formed on any body panels like floor boards, rocker panels, etc..

You have succeeded where the competition failed. I live in central Alabama where we feel the affects of gulf moisture in the summer, as well bone-chilling winds in the winter (humidity, heat, cold). You name it, we experience a mixture of conditions that are tough on metal.

I have used your product before (on rust) and this is my second order. I'll keep you informed on how your product performs in this capacity this winter.



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