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While thumbing through my September issue of "Custom Rodder", I came across the "Rust Bullet" product. Although many think we would be ordering this product for a restoration vehicle, that was not the case, we were purchasing it to cover our chain link fence. We found that "Rust Bullet" was very easy to work with and left us with a fabulous finish on our fence. Attached you will find pictures of our accomplishments, thanks to "Rust Bullet". I will be sure to follow up with photos for you next year to show how things are holding up.

Thanks again "Rust Bullet" - Michael Czarnecki



I purchased some Rust Bullet from you a while back and wanted to let you know how well it worked on my auto frame. I was also very impressed with the response to my questions on your website and prompt delivery to Canada.

One suggestion. It would be really helpful if it also came in a 'rattle can' (aerosol) to touch up any of the areas that get damaged (speed bumps can take just about anything off). It's the perfect product for this as, unlike many other coatings, it's one part and doesn't use a primer. You could just smooth the chip and spray.
I put a post up on the Cobra forum I frequent letting everyone know what a great product I think it is.

Thanks again.



The frame is new Factory Five Racing roadster frame. It had grease (?) from welding and some rust on it when I received it. I sanded, degreased and used a metal etch on it (a lot of work). If I had to do it again I would just spray and rinse a couple of times with engine degreaser and spray paint with Rust Bullet. Simple.




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