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Rust Bullet ®
Sole Distributor,
Eastern Canada



This is the first time the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued two patents on one rust/corrosion-control product.

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NACE International:

A recently released
two-year breakthrough study estimates the annual direct cost of corrosion in the United States to be $276 billion.

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Rust Bullet ® rust inhibitor coating and its patented new technology beats POR 15, Rustoleum and other market leaders in independent laboratory testing. Rust Bullet is guaranteed to stop rust and provide rust prevention for 10 years.


Rust Inhibitor Coating

Rust Inhibitor Paint

According to the Thomas Register, the world's leading resource on industrial products and services, there are 319 companies that market rust/corrosion control products.
Corrosion Inhibitor Coating

It takes several months for any rust/corrosion control product to demonstrate its effectiveness. This allows some of these companies to remove their ineffective products from store shelves, change the product name, and place the same product containing the same ingredients, with a different name, back on those same store shelves. Our extensive research has revealed that virtually all rust/corrosion control products contain one or more of six main ingredients.

To separate Rust Bullet® from these 319 companies, we decided to test, scientifically, against the six main ingredients that these products contain, using the market leaders, and not the specific brands or names that are subject to manipulation.
Rust Bullet® has done extensive scientific comparison testing against these ingredients at accredited independent laboratories following the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). These standards are accepted and used in research and development throughout the world. There is complete documentation, including before and after pictures, eliminating the confusion and guess work for the consumer.


Since we scientifically tested against these main ingredients that are used in virtually all rust/corrosion control products, we have in effect, scientifically tested against all brands, under all names of all rust/corrosion control products on the market, helping you to reach your own conclusion. We've taken on the best, and we have won!




Take the Rust Bullet ® Challenge
• • •
If any of our test subjects have any objections to the testing process, or any other manufacturer of a rust control treatment or coating wants to challenge us, we have the following offer: We will jointly do comparative testing at an accredited independent lab. The loser pays all testing costs and the winner may use the test results in their advertising.




*A unique one step (two
  coat) process.
*Simple to apply.
*Tested scientifically against
  leading rust/corrosion
  control products, with
  before, and after photos.
*Coats over rusty and clean
*Superior adhesion.
*Little or no surface
  preparation required.
*Nearly indestructible.
*Strong weather resistance 
  in all climates and below sea
*Topcoat paint optional.
*Easy to apply and maintain.
*Not labor intensive.
*VOC compliant.

*Contains no zinc,
  no chromates,
  no acids,
  no heavy metals


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