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Standard Formula
Project Information:
Project Location
 South Africa   
Project Completion 
 May 2010

 McCain Foods Pty Ltd
Contractor and Applicator
   Excel Projects & Distribution
  Wesley Zinn, Project Director 


Application Type
   Airless Spray / 3000 PSI / 2 Guns
Substrate & Size
   8,608 SF / 800 SQM

Project Description:

McCain Foods ~ Building Exterior Before Application
Building Exterior After Application

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McCain Foods, Cold Storage Facility

This Cold Storage Facility at McCain Foods PTY Ltd is exposed to constant condensation from the combination of the cooling below the suspended ceiling and the heat generated from the roof sheets above. The original method of protection using standard epoxy coatings was not providing the protection the steel required in this harsh environment.

Rust Bullet Industrial Formula was the only option for McCain Foods, the structures integrity was restored and the life span extended. McCain Foods now use Rust Bullet products as a solution for all their corrosion problems. The project was finished within the project plan estimate as well as within the set budget.

Thank you Rust Bullet.

MCCAIN Foods South Africa PTY LTD




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