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   Will Terrell

Application Type
   Brush & Roll

Project Description:

Attached are photos of our barn before and after applying the Rust Bullet product.

The barn is a metal clad wood composite with galvanized and painted surfaces (Barn Master).
The bottom of the walls on the interior of the stalls are deep bedded and frequently in contact with damp straw and manure for much of the winter.
As a result, the paint is oxidized in places and there was a lot of rust and scale on the galvanized metal framing around the panels. 
The barn is about 8-9 years old, now, and houses horses and dairy goats.

We began the surface prep by pressure washing the walls and removing the rubber mats on the floors.  We used a disc sander to remove as much of the rust as possible from the metal surface areas as well as to lightly scarify the painted surfaces and oxidized areas of the walls.

We used masking tape to edge the area to be painted and then applied two coats of Rust Bullet around the entire base of the stalls, in one case a foot high around the perimeter and on the rest about 4-6 inches up from the floor.  The Rust Bullet was applied by hand with a paint brush.  I allowed 24 hours between coats. 

The RB went on very well, better than latex paint, I thought.  Very good coverage on the first application.  I applied it thoroughly and after the second application, removed the masking tape and could see a definite "film" or thickness of material on the painted surface.

We still have a couple of stalls to do but will wait until later this summer to complete them.  Will keep you posted.


Will Terrell
Creamcup Miniature LaMancha Dairy Goats



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