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Accelerated Weathering Tests

National Testing Standards, Inc.



This device uses a combination of carbon arc UV radiation and water spray to simulate destructive weather conditions in an accelerated manner. Although precise equivalents are impossible to determine, a practical calculation is: 300 hours in the Weatherometer equals one year real time.
Thermal Shock Chamber

ASTM D2337

This is simply a temperature control device in which temperature can be raised or lowered over a controlled period of time. This is done to simulate the extreme conditions found in nature and as a means of inducing coating failure.
Seawater Spray (Fog) Chamber


Seawater is atomized with a special device and allowed to condense in an even manner on the surface of the test panels. The length of exposure is specified by the United States Navy’s standards, which is 300 hours below deck and 500 hours above deck.
Seawater Immersion Resistance


A plastic tank is filled with seawater and the panels are suspended from a line with plastic shims between the panel suspension holes. The panels are soaked in seawater for 336 hours and then removed for final inspection.


Mechanical Tests

National Testing Standards, Inc.

Taber Abrasion Test

ASTM D4060

This mechanical test is performed using a Taber Abraser Machine. The Taber Abraser requires a specific size of panel and cycles that panel on a horizontal plain against an abrasive wheel at a given angle and pressure. The cycles are continued until the abrasive wheel wears through to the metal underneath the coating. The greater the number of cycles required to reach the metal, the more abrasion resistant the coating is.
Mandrel Bend Test


In this test, a panel with one side coated is bent 180 degrees around a 3/8 inch steel mandrel. The condition of the coating at the “bend site” is visually examined and evaluated according to the criteria in ASTM D522.
Impact Resistance Test

ASTM D2794

This procedure defeats all but the best coatings. A ½ inch steel ball is dropped from a predetermined height onto a steel panel with the test coating applied to the underneath side. After impact, the bulge on the coated side of the panel is examined for coating damage and separation from the steel underneath the coating.
Crosshatch Adhesion Test

ASTM D3359

This rigorous mechanical test involves cutting a grid of 100 squares into a coated panel. A pressure sensitive tape is applied over the grid, and then rapidly peeled away. The number of squares remaining on the panel gives a relative percentage value of adhesion.


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