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Natural Link MOLD LAB, Inc.

"With a growing awareness of the potential hazards of biological agents in homes, schools, and workplaces, an industry has grown to help assess the potential health effects of airborne molds and other biological contaminants." Rust Bullet, LLC decided to test Rust Bullet® Rust Inhibitive Coating to determine its effectiveness as an encapsulant for fungal spores on wood surfaces at Natural Link MOLD LAB, Inc.,

As a specialized microbiology laboratory, Natural Link MOLD LAB, Inc. offers expertise in analysis of samples from indoor environments contaminated by molds and other microbes. Being a service-oriented laboratory, they work with industry professionals to help strengthen knowledge of fungi, bacteria, and mold related issues. Natural Link MOLD LAB, Inc. provides analytical services to suit all projects, from cost-effective, genus level ID an enumeration, through detailed microbial investigations with complete species ID.
In addition to their laboratory analytical testing, they offer a wide range of consulting and training services.

Test Results: by Sean P. Abbott, Ph.D., Analytical Director

Before treatment, wood sample with spore suspension

Sample Replicate Number Fungal Growth Detected (CFU/25cm²) Lumber OSB
1 375 375
2 325 275
3 300 250
4 375 300
5 275 300

All sample plates taken from wood surfaces exhibited extensive fungal growth

After treatment, wood sample with spore suspension treated with Rust Bullet®
Rust Inhibitive Coating

Sample Replicate Number Fungal Growth Detected (CFU/25cm²) Lumber OSB

ND=None Detected - All sample plates taken from wood surfaces treated with
Rust Bullet® Rust Inhibitive Coating exhibited NO fungal growth

Click here to view the formal report: Report No. 9313-R01, Natural Link MOLD LAB, Inc.



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