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If any of our test subjects have any objections to the testing process, or any other manufacturer of a rust control treatment or coating wants to challenge us, we have the following offer: We will jointly do comparative testing at an accredited independent lab. The loser pays all testing costs and the winner may use the test results in their advertising.





Our Rust Prevention Techniques are
Tested Against The Best


In an effort to scientifically test Rust Bullet® in many different environments, we sought out test facilities that encompassed a majority of those environments, from hot to cold and wet to dry.

Although our ongoing testing will continue with yearly reports, pictures, and documentation, Rust Bullet® will continue to update this information, providing the consumer with the most extensive, scientifically documented testing and research that has ever been performed on a rust/corrosion product.

Below are the independent scientific testing facilities that were used to provide the research documentation





*A unique one step
  (two coat) process
*Simple to apply
*Tested scientifically
  against leading  
  rust/corrosion control
  products, with
  and after photos
*Coats over rusty
  and clean metal
*Superior adhesion
*Little or no surface
  preparation required
*Nearly indestructible
*Strong weather
  resistance in all
  climates and below
*Topcoat paint
*Easy to apply and
*Not labor intensive
*VOC compliant
*Contains no zinc,
  no chromates,
  no acids,
  no heavy metals



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