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For ages, the human race has struggled with the problem of rusting. It started following us as we started using iron. Rust has been historically known as “the cancer of iron”. Rust or corrosion is the open-air oxidation of iron leading to the formation of iron oxide. Rusting takes place in the presence of moisture. Hydrated rust is permeable to air and water, so it allows the metal to continue to corrode internally. It can completely eat away the metal, so it requires a permanent and solid remedy in order to stop rust.

Rusting is different in different metals. There are various methods to stop rusting of metals – rust prevention paint, cathodic protection, galvanization, industrial coating, electroplating and so on. Galvanization is a process of coating a metal with a thin layer of another metal. Traditionally, zinc is used on another metal by either hot-dip galvanizing or electroplating. Zinc is very cheap and easy to refine, which makes it suitable for galvanization. In cathodic protection, iron acts as a cathode in a battery, with sacrificial anode made of something with a more negative electrode potential. Whenever water contacts with iron, the electrode does not react with water but provides electrons to prevent iron from rusting.

Coating the metal prone to rust and isolating it from the environment can also stop rust or corrosion. Corrosion control coating & Painting is the most common method done to prevent corrosion of metals. The layer of paint on the surface of the metal disrupts the contact of moisture with the metal, inhibiting corrosion. Various kinds of corrosion prevention products are available in the market today. Corrosion inhibitors also carry out the same purpose. Corrosion inhibitors can be classified into - enzyme inhibitors, non-specific inhibitors, specific inhibitors, competitive inhibitors and non-competitive inhibitors. These inhibitors prevent corrosion and shield the metal, steel or concrete items.

Another well-known rust prevention product is Rust bullet, which is very simple and easy to apply on metals. It is highly durable and is the best rust control product in the marketplace. Rust Bullet is a robust, high quality, industrial grade, corrosion inhibitive coating material. It can be directly applied on the surface of the rusted metal with little or no preparation. It has the capacity to protect iron, steel, aluminum and a number of other metals. Visit the website,  for more details on Rust Bullet, rust removers, and methods to stop rust.

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