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RUST has been called the cancer of metal! Since the beginning of time we have been struggling with this, and every day new solutions and products march into the market claiming to solve our rust problems. Not all these products are effective nor do they offer a long term solution? Most of the Rust Paint products offer short term relief and do not take care of the problem completely.

Rust is an iron oxide that is formed when metal objects are exposed to moisture and air. It attacks the metal, weakening and destroys it over the long run of time. Rusting is a form of corrosion which damages metal structures such as bridges, cars, pipes, tanks etc. It also has hazardous side effects as rusted tanks and pipes contaminates water and soil while rusted equipment & structures can break and collapse, endangering human life.

Many rust prevention products & rust paints in the market place claim to take care of the rust problem completely. They do solve the problem to a certain extent but not completely or effectively. Some car rust removals are a short term option while others have a cumbersome application processes. In such a grim scenario, Rust Bullet is a welcome relief. This amazing product can be used for car rust repair and as a rust preventive product all at the same time.

Rust Bullet car paint can be easily applied with the help of a roller, brush or even can be sprayed. Two to three light even coats of the paint are sufficient for long term protection against rust. This Rust Paint provides a tough armor coating to the car and keeps rust at bay by killing it dead. Rust Bullet has a patented technology and is better than the market leaders POR15 and Rustoleum according to the results of independent lab testing.

Rust Bullet also offers other products such as Rust Bullet Commercial, Rust Bullet Rapid Fire, and Rust Bullet BlackShell. All of these products are specially designed to take care of specific needs that arise in the battle of rust prevention. All the Rust Bullet products are safe to use and do not harm the environment since they do not contain any zinc, Lead, chromates, or heavy metals. The products are also UV resistant and guaranteed to prevent and stop rust for as long as ten years when properly applied.

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