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Rust Bullet v/s POR 15

Rust is a problem that has been plaguing our society since the Iron Age. Many treatments have been tried to cure the rust problem but only temporary solutions have been found or used with little effect. In our present times, the market is flooded with rust prevention products like the POR15, Rustoleum, and Wasser products etc. All these products treat rust but have some drawbacks either the preparation costs or the maintenance costs are high and most of these products are short-term treatment requiring many additional steps to achieve minimal results.

Rust Bullet is a rust inhibitor coating and a rust prevention product. This product is a long-term solution to the ‘irritating’ rust problems of today’s world. Rust Bullet, LLC claims (with over 3 years of extensive testing results) that once applied the product is effective for as long as ten years who else is willing to say that?. Rust Bullet has many advantages. It requires very little prior surface preparation and can be directly applied to the metal surface. You can use it on rusted as well as clean surfaces. The product can be applied easily with either a brush a roller or sprayed onto the rusted surface. Rust Bullet application is a simple one-step process that any body can manage. Rust Bullet acts as a rust remover and rust repair product which tackles the menace of the rust killing effects on metal.

Rust Bullet out performs all the other major rust prevention products in the market place today like POR15 and Rustoleum etc. This is not a mere statement but a scientifically proven fact and many major international laboratories vouch for the fact.

-POR15 requires a four-step application process including the necessary purchase of additional products to achieve an inferior result as compared to Rust Bullet, which has only a one-step two coat application process that achieves a superior result. POR15 paint covers 350 sq ft with one gallon while Rust Bullet covers 400 sq ft with one gallon. Mil for Mil Rust Bullet is tougher. Note, 4 mils is equal to a sheet of regular copy paper. The cost per Gallon of POR15 is $117.75 plus the necessary purchase of additional products to complete the task. While the total cost of Rust Bullet is only $144.99 per Gallon a far better value.

-POR15 has high maintenance cost and questionable longevity, while Rust bullet has low maintenance cost and when properly applied will stop or kill rust for over 10 years.

Rust Bullet is undoubtedly a better and more effective choice as compared to other rust prevention products available in the market. This cost effective product has many uses and is therefore customized for residential or farm uses, commercial or industrial uses and automobile uses. Rust Bullet products take care of your metal objects and appliances by providing rust prevention and rust repair as well as providing a long-term solution to rust corrosion.

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