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Rust Bullet® As A Protective Concrete Coating

Rust Bullet® has many advantages when used as a protective concrete coating.

Concrete is very vulnerable to chemical attack from many corrosive agents and fluids. Rust Bullet® not only creates a moisture barrier that seals concrete from oils, water, and harsh chemicals such as brake fluid, battery acid, hydrochloric acid and the more powerful sulfuric acid, but it will actually make the concrete stronger and more wear resistant, best of all Rust Bullet will add years of life to whatever it is applied to. Rust Bullet will seal the concrete with an armor like non-porous barrier that will add extra strength and many years of trouble free service.

Most Concrete buildings have a large metal structure. Where there is moisture there is rust. Moisture starts seeping in through nicks and cracks in the unprotected concrete ultimately causing harm to the buildings metal structures. Hence it is imperative that the infrastructure be well protected against rust to prevent the metal structure from becoming weak and causing severe damage to the building. Rust Bullet provides a protective shield from everyday abrasive and moisture attacks upon the concrete that's in contact with the buildings metal infrastructure.

Rust Bullet is a new patented rust prevention product, engineers the world over will vouch for. It is the most technologically advanced rust prevention product on the market today and is also used as an excellent concrete coating. Rust Bullet provides excellent protection against the damaging results of rust. Rust Bullet also has excellent resistance to UV rays, harsh weather, caustic chemicals, severe abrasion and heavy duty mechanical abuse, that's why it works so well with concrete surfaces as well as on all metal surfaces. Rust Bullet is a leader in the industrial coating Market and has found a variety of uses as a superior concrete coating. Unlike other rust prevention sprays, Rust Bullet contains no zinc, chromates, acids or heavy metals. Hence, it is ideally suited as the ultimate concrete coating and it has an added benefit it's easy to apply. Rust Bullet doesn't need a lengthy surface preparation. When applied, Rust Bullet does not form a film immediately; rather it penetrates through the concrete using a patented chemical activity, allowing the resin to solidify into a tough armor like coating with exceptional adhesion and chemical resistance.

Many companies sell their products making false claims of long lasting protection. Unlike the others, with Rust Bullet, you can be assured that you are using the most technological advanced product available in the coatings industry. In independent laboratory testing, Rust Bullets rust inhibitor coating with its patented new technology beats the other market leaders hands down. When properly applied Rust Bullet is guaranteed to stop rust providing rust prevention for well over ten years!

Now you have an alternative choice for your concrete coating that uses a unique patented new technology that will easily protect your valuable building, industrial equipment, and concrete floors from chemical attack, rust and corrosion for many years to come. Use Rust Bullet as a concrete coating, an industrial coating and as an armor barrier to prevent rust from forming on your expensive industrial equipment. It is the ultimate solution to rust prevention for all your equipment needs as well as the concrete floor the equipment sits on equipment.



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