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Rust is the biggest enemy of metal roofs. It is actually the product of a chemical reaction, which occurs when metal, comes in contact with moisture in the air. And if you think frequent painting of the metal roof is the only solution for this problem, you are probably not familiar with the latest technological advances in this field. Painting with normal paints can give you only short term protection from rust. For years of protection against rust, you need to use a technologically advanced product such as Rust Bullet. Rust Bullet with its patented new technology is guaranteed to stop rust and provide rust prevention for up to ten years!

Maintenance of metal roofs is often difficult because of the climatic conditions it is directly exposed to. Rains, sun, wind and snow on metal surfaces make rusting a quick phenomenon. Metal roofs are often painted frequently to protect them against rust. Despite scraping off the rust before painting, some amount of rust remains on the metal. When this rusted metal is painted, the paint forms a film over the rust, forming a barrier. The barrier traps moisture, and rusting occurs underneath the paint even without your knowledge. This damages the metal and it can deteriorate sooner than you think.

Rust Bullet is not like an ordinary paint. When applied, Rust Bullet does not form a film immediately, but penetrates the rust reaching the metal underneath. Rust Bullet's patented technology dehydrates, or dries out the rust by a chemical activity, allowing the resin to solidify into a tough coating with exceptional adhesion. Thus, Rust Bullet, not only prevents rusting, but also does rust repair on the metal surface and will make your metal roof stronger and more weather resistant. It is also easy to use. Rust Bullet requires no preparation, except the removal of large flakes of loose rust by light scraping or brushing.

Rust Bullet rust inhibitor coating and its patented new technology beats other market leaders in independent laboratory testing. A technologically advanced product, it is finding its use everywhere. Rust Bullet helps you prevent rust on your metal roofs in your farm shed, warehouses and industrial areas. Coating industrial metal roofs with Rust Bullet is an economically viable and long lasting option. Why go for a replacement of your metal roof when you can do without it? Come, sun, rain or shine, with rust bullet, you don't have to worry about paintings and repairs. Just coat it with Rust Bullet and forget about your metal roofs. Rest assured, Rust Bullet will guard them for years.



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