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Kill Rust Before It Kills Your Valuables

Rust, is a common name for a compound named Iron Oxide. Iron Oxide is formed when iron combines with oxygen. For rust formation to occur, three elements are required - iron, water and oxygen. If normal water is replaced with seawater or salt-loaded spray, rust occurs much faster. Rust prevention can be done by keeping the metal from oxidizing i.e. by preventing oxygen ions from reaching it. Protective rust inhibitor paints, oiling etc are some of the commonly used methods. These methods to a large extent can stop rust from forming. Rust Bullet, an effective rust preventative paint, now comes to your aid to help fight rust. Rust Bullet ensures protection from rust, for many years. If you need to protect valuable equipment from becoming rusted, use Rust Bullet as your new weapon, and prepare to kill the rust. If you don’t, rust will surely win the battle and destroy your equipment.

Rust Bullet’s Rust Inhibitor Paint is paint applied onto metal to prevent rust formation. It provides protection from rust for many years. Rust Bullet is no ordinary rust paint, it has key ingredients to prevent, as well as destroy rust. It bonds with metals, creating a tough physical and chemical barrier, to safeguard equipment against rust. Rust Bullet contains no zinc, chromates, acids or heavy metals, which makes it the top choice for engineering equipment. It is the ideal coating of industrial paint for use in construction, engineering machinery, marine and automotive industries.

Rust Bullet is easy to apply and dries to an armor tuff finish. Application requires little or no preparation, except the removal of large flakes of loose rust by lightly scraping or brushing. When applied, Rust Bullet does not form a film immediately, but penetrates the rust reaching the metal underneath. It dehydrates, or dries out the rust by a patented chemical activity, allowing the resin to solidify into a tough coating with exceptional adhesion. Rust Bullet’s Rust Paint is easy to use and comes in easy to handle containers. It is not only an effective rust preventative, but also a dependable rust repair product. Rust Bullet guarantees to stop rust and provide rust prevention for up to ten years!

Rust Bullet gives you the most economically viable, long lasting and effective option for rust prevention. It is easy on the pocket and eliminates rust related worries. Come, sun, rain or snow, there’s nothing to worry about. Just be ready to kill rust with the use of Rust Bullet. Visit  to learn more.



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